The Basics Program

This program is designed to allow teams & brands to get their merchandise line started with no startup cost and earn money along the way!

The basics package includes a store with the following products (this does not include physical product, just the set up of the products on the store):

- one logo shirt

- one logo hoodie

- one logo hat

To get started fill out this form ( and be as detailed as possible to help stream line the process. The stores will be handled in the order they are received.

Details & Rewards

Once you reach the following sales numbers you are eligible for a free upgrade based on the numbers below:

$300 - N00b Store

$600 - Pro Store

$1000 - Epic Store

$2500 - Legendary Store

Get Started:

*Commission rates are 10% of all sales and paid out quarterly. Redeeming store options does NOT affect the commissions.*

*Only sales generated from products given or earned  through the basics program products are eligible towards upgrades (If a design is purchased, sales from those products are not to be counted towards upgrading).

*Disclaimer* Estimated time frame to complete stores will vary based on quality of logo file, amount of detail in submission, etc.

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