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  • How long do orders take?
    • Jersey and Pro Hoodie orders can take up to 10-14 business days
    • Basic T-Shirts and Basic Hoodies can take 7-10 business days
    • All of our products are made to order.


  • I ordered a shirt/hoodie and a custom jersey. I received my Shirt/Hoodie but not my jersey, why is that? 
    • Basic Shirts and Hoodies take less time to produce than jerseys. Instead of waiting the full 10-14 business for all products, we ship your shirts/hoodies by themselves and the jersey once it completes production at no cost to you! (AS OF 9/27/17 for select collections; new collections updated over time)


  • There is a customs fee that is needed to be paid for my package, what do I do?
    • Some international countries will charge additional customs fees or a duty-tax on packages entering from foreign countries, which is also at the mercy of the destination country and is out of our control and is to be paid by receiver. 


  • My team’s jersey was on the old site, why is it not on the new site?
    • If your team’s jersey was on our old site and you would like it on our new site, please email us at


  • I purchased a jersey design, how long does it take to get in contact with a designer?
    • When a design is purchased, we assign your order to one of our amazingly talented designers. They will contact you via the email you place your order with. If you would like to be contacted via skype or discord please put your username as a customer note.


  • How do I get a store with Sector Six Apparel?
    • To apply for a store, email us at with the title “STORE INQUIRY” and we will work with you to go over what you would like to sale. Start-Up fees may apply. 


  • Care Instructions
    • For best results, we recommend to wash on the delicate setting and hang dry.


  • Do you have discount codes?
    • You can use a team’s codes or use code S6 for 5% off your order.
    • We do run sales with discount codes during events and holidays. Follow us on social media to be informed when those sales occur.