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"When we hear of Sector Six, we imagine a great influential company, to help those receive the gear they want, to represent their team. Sector Six has made it possible for us over here at Mint Clan, that if you want the highest echelon of gear, Sector Six is the #1 place."
- Dakotah Kwiatkowski, Co-Owner of Mint Clan


"Finding the right apparel company for Oxygen Supremacy wasn't difficult at all, Sector Six was our choice because of the great customer service they provide, they always got us everything we needed on time. They're the gold standard for apparel companies in Esports and they're very reasonable when it comes to pricing.
If you're looking for a reliable company that provides excellent customer service, I would recommend Zack and Josh to any Esports brand looking for an apparel provider."
- Bryan Truong, Owner of Oxygen Supremacy


"We have been partnered with Sector Six Apparel for a while now, and they're a great group of people that are always looking for ways to provide the best experience to their customers and partners. Whether it's team jerseys or casual apparel, the team at S6 does an excellent job of getting orders out on time and all of their product has been of excellent quality."
- Joey Carpenter, Owner of Carnage Esports


"Working with Sector Six has been great. Dependable and always on time with getting Jerseys done. Work on jerseys in a short time span no other company can offer. Great company that I can get behind."
- Marvin Renkas, Owner of Vertical Gaming


"We are a new organization, looking to offer nothing but the best for our players. Since we've grown so quickly, and acquired multiple teams in different games, our need for Jerseys & Apparel became apparent at a rapid pace. The task of searching for a designer, manufacturer, and distributor was stressful, however shortly after contacting S6, our worries quickly faded. Every part of the process was robust - from excellent communication during the design process, to providing a quality end product in a timely manner.
Sector Six Apparel reflected nothing but professional and top-of-the-line service."

- Riley Long, Owner of Armada Esports