Team Villainous

While we were looking for an apparel company to partner with for our team line, our priorities were customer service, production time, & creative collaboration.  Sector Six (S6) has exceeded our expectations in all three of those categories. Prior to working with S6, our apparel partners were sub-par at best which we figured to be the normal encounter in the industry until we met Zack & the rest of his team at S6.  Zack made us feel at home right away. It was the first time we had ever felt that we were treated like a client. Not only was Zack flexible & extremely helpful throughout the entire beginning of our relationship, but also throughout the entirety of the professional relationship.  
From deciding which size store on S6 would be the most financially viable & throughout the entire design phase, Zack was involved every step of the way.  I have always agreed with the idea that your brand is only as good as the quality of product you have. Comparing our lines from before to what we have now, the difference is night & day.  It is a big help when your apparel company can offer ideas, critiques, etc. When we began designing our initial line, we had a vision in our heads & S6 was able to turn that vision into reality.  We as Team Villainous ran into a creative clog while designing one of our hats & S6 put their brains together to come up with our design on our behalf. When this occurred, there was no doubt in my mind that we made the right choice by moving to S6.  Most apparel companies would take the creativity gap as an opportunity to do the least amount of work, put your logo on the front, & say its finished. That isn’t how the S6 team takes care of their clients. They truly aren’t happy until the client is happy.  
To finish, it is quite difficult to find a partner who genuinely cares about his clients.  Zack is always checking in on us & making sure he answers every single question we have. It is extremely fulfilling to have a partner that believes in your brand & can help turn a team’s identity into a sweatshirt, jersey, T-shirt, etc.  Please, do not undervalue the importance of a healthy partnership. That is what you will get if you work with S6.
- Jake ‘Tiggie’ Kramer, Owner Team Villainous 

Phenoms Pro

Sector Six has been a great partner to work with. Everyone is customer-oriented and truly cares about their partners. It’s always a pleasure interacting with those on that team. Keep up the great work!
RJ Layug, Owner of Phenoms Pro LLC

Freeze Unit

At Freeze Unit we wanted a company that would not only work with us hands on, but go above and being. Sector Six has a fantastic team, and their gear is truly next level. Great company with even better people and apparel. Sector Six is the go-to in Esports apparel.
- Hunter ‘Digi’ Mills, Co-Owner of Freeze Unit

HydraCore Gaming

Being a newer eSports organization, it was extremely difficult to find partners, affiliates and sponsors that were willing to take a gamble on a smaller org with a lesser social media presence and following than many of our pro league counterparts. This also transcended into our search for a quality eSports apparel company that would be willing to create a store for us. After searching for literal weeks and being turned down, my relentless search landed me on the Sector Six site. In all honesty, after seeing teams like Space Station Gaming, Polar Ace and other renown orgs, I was not confident that our org would be accepted into the fold, but I was pleasantly surprised at not only the acceptance, but ecstatic at the superior quality of customer service. All of my questions were answered, needs were met and the process from start to finish was painless and amazing. I could not be more happy with the level of quality and service Sector Six has shown. We wear their logo proudly and fully intend on continuing to do so, even when we become more than just a "smaller org". Additionally, their design team goes unmatched in their expertise and quality. With every imaginary thought that I threw at our store designer, he came back with what I envisioned in my mind and executed each revision patiently and with extreme speed and made it come to life. Again, we mean it when we say this company is unmatched, and the fact they throw us smaller guys a bone makes them even more of a home for guys and gals like us. We're never leaving, so make room Team Sector Six!
- Jamie "ZeeKiwi" Zudonyi, Owner of HydraCore Gaming


Exertion Gaming

"After being with many different apparel companies we were unable to find one that we didn't like completely, until we found Sector Six. We finally have a place we're not worried about getting our orders in time. Also the time something is purchased until it is in your hands is unlike any other. They are able to deliver fast and high quality. This is by far the best apparel company out there for Professional Organizations as well as Up and Coming organizations. Exertion Gaming will never leave this incredible company and we can't wait to grow more and more so our fans can also enjoy this quality merchandise!"
-Myles "Kewl" Buchanan, Owner of Exertion Gaming

Team Silence

“Our first experience with Sector Six traces back to 2016 when Team Silence was first founded. Even in the beginning we have had nothing but good things to say about the company and that has definitely not changed now. Sector Six has done nothing but make major improvements with its designs, quality, turn out time, and countless other things. Mitchell has amazing communication paired with incredible designs skills which made for an incredibly easy time to reach the final product we were looking for. Basically to put a long list of good things to say short. Sector Six is the best place to be for high quality designs and products and we at Team Silence couldn’t be happier to be partnered with them for our official apparel provider!”
- Brett Nickerson, Owner & CEO of Team Silence


"When we hear of Sector Six, we imagine a great influential company, to help those receive the gear they want, to represent their team. Sector Six has made it possible for us over here at Mint Clan, that if you want the highest echelon of gear, Sector Six is the #1 place."
- Dakotah Kwiatkowski, Co-Owner of Mint Clan

Nation Of Power

"Here at Nation Of Powe,r we needed an apparel company that could handle our rapid growing family. S6 customer service and turnaround time is absolutely unmatched and we couldn't be happier to be working with such a great company"
- Ethan Bell, Co-Owner of Nation Of Power

Team Never Lucky

"We are a small group that competes in Magic the Gathering tournaments.  A lot of esports apparel companies didn't want our business due to us being small, required a huge upfront order, or were really slow at responding. Fortunately, I ran into Sector Six and they have been super accommodating with our requests, helped me out with new designs, as well as just being pleasant people to do business with.  If you're not choosing this place for your high-quality gear for your team you're making a massive mistake."
-Marcus Chandler, Co-Owner of Team Never Lucky MTG

Fathom Gaming

"Picking the right companies to link up with can be a major decision for large and small brands alike, so Fathom Gaming wanted to make sure we made the best decisions for our growing community. Sector Six has really knocked it out of the park for us. Not only are their products amazing quality, but their art team does an incredible job. Whenever we had a question, the customer service team got back to us almost instantly and resolved our questions with the clarity we needed. Sector Six has been a perfect fit for our growing brand and provided a huge sigh of relief for our apparel needs."
- Cute Grampy, Owner of Fathom Gaming

Rose Gaming

"Partnering with Sector Six has been one of the best choices that I have made. Everything about Sector Six is amazing, from their staff to their amazing products that they produce. We are more than happy to have them in our family."
- Brandon (xNoMadx), Owner of Rose Gaming

cLaw Central

"The best eSports Apparel Company. Hands down. Quick and friendly. Amazing service along with amazing designs. You wouldn’t want it any other way."
- Mark, Owner/CEO of cLaw Central



"Finding the right apparel company for Oxygen Supremacy wasn't difficult at all, Sector Six was our choice because of the great customer service they provide, they always got us everything we needed on time. They're the gold standard for apparel companies in Esports and they're very reasonable when it comes to pricing.
If you're looking for a reliable company that provides excellent customer service, I would recommend Zack and Josh to any Esports brand looking for an apparel provider."
- Bryan Truong, Owner of Oxygen Supremacy


"We have been partnered with Sector Six Apparel for a while now, and they're a great group of people that are always looking for ways to provide the best experience to their customers and partners. Whether it's team jerseys or casual apparel, the team at S6 does an excellent job of getting orders out on time and all of their product has been of excellent quality."
- Joey Carpenter, Owner of Carnage Esports


"Working with Sector Six has been great. Dependable and always on time with getting Jerseys done. Work on jerseys in a short time span no other company can offer. Great company that I can get behind."
- Marvin Renkas, Owner of Vertical Gaming


"We are a new organization, looking to offer nothing but the best for our players. Since we've grown so quickly, and acquired multiple teams in different games, our need for Jerseys & Apparel became apparent at a rapid pace. The task of searching for a designer, manufacturer, and distributor was stressful, however shortly after contacting S6, our worries quickly faded. Every part of the process was robust - from excellent communication during the design process, to providing a quality end product in a timely manner.
Sector Six Apparel reflected nothing but professional and top-of-the-line service."

- Riley Long, Owner of Armada Esports