Sector Six is a company focused on being the turn-key print on demand solution for teams of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a group of friends who are looking to match for a local event, a competing amateur, part of the collegiate circuit, or working with a professional organization, Sector Six has a solution for you!

Sector Six Apparel was founded January 1st, 2016. Coming from a rebrand of the company Esports Apparel, the team thought a less generic branding would help in the growth of the business. The team is based in Frisco, TX and is comprised of Zachary Sass, Josh Whatley, and Mitchell Cooper. More can be read about the team below.


Zachary, 28, is an entrepreneur in the esports industry with 10 years of experience. Starting in the graphic design field, Zack began focusing heavily on the apparel and merchandising space. While attending college, he founded Sector Six Apparel and now oversees production and customer experience along with company strategy.

Zack also hosts The Zack Sass Podcast , a podcast focusing on the business side of esports. "My goal is to shed some light on the less talked about, behind the scenes work, that goes on day to day in esports! These podcasts will mostly be comprised of one on one interviews with individuals within the esports space and what their stories are. Hopefully, this will allow some people to grasp a greater understanding of the esports community as a whole!"

email: zack@sectorsixapparel.comtwitter: @ZackSass


Josh, 27, has 7 years of experience in the esports industry consisting of team managing, merchandise, and advising. Josh is a part owner of Sector Six and focuses mainly on business development for both Sector Six and parent company We Are Nations.

Josh is also the commissioner of the SSBL. The SSBL, Super Sim Baseball League, is an AI vs AI Fantasy baseball league played on Metalhead Software’s game Super Mega Baseball 3.

email: josh@sectorsixapparel.comtwitter: @Jwhatxc


Mitchell, 22 is a designer in the esports industry specializing in apparel and merchandising. Mitch oversees the creative process around jersey and apparel design. He also works directly with clients to create exactly what they want to represent their brand.

email: mitchell@sectorsixapparel.com